Install Snowy Dune Launcher with the installer

If you haven't already downloaded the installer, download it here.


Run the installer, you might see some of the following confirmation prompts:

Untrusted location prompt Unknown publisher prompt

If you see the following prompt, you need to click More info and then Run anyway.

Windows SmartScreen prompt, more info link

Windows SmartScreen prompt, run anyway button

You should now see the following window where you can select which language to use during the instalation, if you don't need to change the language click OK.

Select setup language window

In the next window you just have to click Next to start the installation.

Welcome to setup wizard window

Install location

The next window will ask you where to install it. If you don't need to install it in a special folder, click Next.

Select destination location window

Start menu shortcuts

In this window you are asked what you want to name the folder where the Snowy Dune Launcher shortcuts will be created, you can also choose not to create shortcuts. If the default name is fine just click Next.

Select start menu folder window

Review settings

This window lets you review which folders you've chosen for the program files and shortcuts. If you want to change any setting click Back, if the settings are correct click Install.

Ready to install window

Finishing installation

Snowy Dune Launcher will now get installed. It should take a few seconds.

Installing window

When it's done click Finish

Completing setup wizard window

You can now start using Snowy Dune Launcher! Learn how to use it with these tutorials: