Create a new shortcut

Open Snowy Dune Launcher and click New shortcut or use Ctrl+N.

New shortcut button

Click the new empty shortcut to see its details.

Empty shortcut details

Enter a name for the shortcut, the name will be used to generate an id and url, if you want to you can change the id.

Shortcut name textbox

Click the Pick file... button and choose the file you want to create the shortcut for, or click the Pick folder... button to choose a folder instead.

File picker window

Enter any arguments you might need and choose whether you want to run the file as admin and whether you want to have a single instance of the program so, in this case, if you already had a Firefox window open it would bring that window to the foreground instead of opening a new one.

Some applications like Steam or iTunes wont be launched correctly if the single instance option is checked because they are already programmed to avoid having more than one instance running.

Finished shortcut details

Make sure to save your shortcuts when you're done clicking Save shortcuts or using Ctrl+S.

You have created your first shortcut! Go ahead and use it to create a custom tile in Pin More.