How to: Pin Steam games

You can pin Steam games in the Steam section following these steps:

  1. Click or tap the game you want to pin from the grid.

  2. [Optional] Change the title for the tile in the Title textbox.

  3. [Optional] Choose which part of the wide logo image to cut for the logo by clicking or tapping it and dragging until the part you want to cut is highlighted, or change the image to use as logo for the tile by clicking or tapping Pick image...

  4. Click or tap the pin button.

  5. Click or tap the Pin to Start button.


You can customize your tiles further using the following options:

Wide logo

Show title: Lets you choose whether you want the title to be visible in the wide tile.

Use dark text: Lets you choose whether you want the title text to be dark, it affects both the wide tile and the tile.

Pick image...: Lets you choose an image to use as logo for the wide tile.

Background color

Lets you choose the background color for the tile. You can choose one of the default colors by clicking or tapping on them or specify your own colors by either moving the sliders or entering the value you want in the textboxes for the RGB channels.