How to configure automatic discovery of non-Steam games

You can configure the automatic discovery of non-Steam games following these steps:

  1. Click or tap the Settings button.

    Settings button

  2. Click or tap Steam settings in the Settings panel.

    Steam settings option

  3. Click or tap the Configure button.

    Configure button

  4. Click or tap the Pick Steam folder... button.

    Pick Steam folder button

  5. Go to the Steam folder...

    Steam folder

    or, if it's in a folder that can't be accessed or you don't know where it is, just go to the drive where it's installed.

    C drive folder

  6. Click or tap the Choose this folder button.

    Choose this folder button

  7. Confirm your selection by clicking or tapping the OK button.

    Ok button

  8. Wait for Pin More to find the folder and the files it needs to read, you can keep using Pin More while it's looking for them.

    Looking for Steam folder message

  9. When it's done a message will pop up to let you know, click or tap the Ok button.

    Ok button