How to pin non-Steam games

You can pin non-Steam games in the Steam section following these steps:

  1. Add the game you want to pin to your Steam library.

    Add a non-Steam game to my library option in Steam client

  2. Create a desktop shortcut for the game.

    Create desktop shortcut option in Steam client

  3. Right click on the shortcut and choose Properties.

    Shortcut properties option

  4. Copy the game URL.

    Game url in shortcut properties

  5. Go to Pin More's Steam section, right click anywhere or swipe in from the bottom edge of the screen to show the App bar and click or tap the Pin non-Steam game button.

    Pin non-Steam game button

  6. Enter a title for the tile in the Title text box.

    Title text box

  7. Paste the game URL in the URL text box.

    Url text box

  8. Choose an image to use as logo for the tile by clicking or tapping Add image button.

    Tile logo

  9. Click or tap the Pin to Start button.

    Pin to Start button

  10. Click or tap the Pin to Start button.

    Pin to Start dialog


You can customize your tiles further using the following options: